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Since establishment we have helped a number of businesses both large and small including some national PLCs. The case studies below give brief details as to how we have helped these businesses either on an ongoing basis or with a specific Company Secretarial project and how we could help you. Please contact us to see how we can help.

Case Study No. 1

On-Going Support To Your own Company Secretarial Department. 

The UKís leading short break operator, based in the Midlands with its own Company Secretary required the assistance of a fully qualified and experienced Company Secretary for  an average of two days per week for four years leading up to a number of major re-financing deals and floatation on the Stock Exchange. Whilst it now has two full-time additional members of staff for this period it found my assistance a flexible and cost effective alternative to employing their own part-time staff or agency staff. 

They also found it extremely useful recently, when they had a member of staff unexpectedly on sick leave for an extended period and were able to call on a qualified Company Secretary, with knowledge of their business who could be called on at short notice to assist with their Accounts preparation and AGM management.

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Case Study No. 2

Providing the Complete Company Secretarial Service For Your Business.

A jointly owned national leisure operator with more than 50 sites nationwide with no Company Secretarial resources of itís own needed assistance with the whole spectrum of Company Secretarial services including; maintaining statutory books and records of the group companies, asset protection and the preparation of the Agenda and minutes of Board and General Meetings. 

As a 50/50 jointly owned business it was vital that the minutes, procedures and record keeping were and impeccable. This business found our assistance invaluable in providing an independent and flexible value for money service for several years before its eventual purchase by an original joint owner. 

The eventual purchaser also retained our services following the purchase until the business had been fully integrated into the group to provide additional Company Secretarial services at the time of additional workload and also had extensive knowledge of the previous business.

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Case Study No. 3

Help for not for profit organisations

A local not for profit organisation, set up as a company limited by guarantee, to encourage local regeneration was looking for assistance in ensuring statutory compliance and corporate governance. The company had a large board structure and a wide range of stakeholders.

After an initial review we helped them develop a system of record keeping to ensure statutory compliance and corporate governance best practice. Our involvement continues by providing pro active updates on changes to law and best practice.

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Case Study No. 4

Appointment as Company Secretary.

The UK sales subsidiary of a major specialist manufacturer based in Finland needed a Company Secretary to maintain the companyís statutory books and records and assist with various projects over a period of time including the acquisition of a competitor company. 

This company now finds it invaluable to have the availability of expert company secretarial advice when required and the re-assurance to the parent company based outside the UK that all statutory requirements are being met.

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Case Study No. 5

Company Secretary of Small Companies.

A small limited company established to maintain the freehold of a property divided by a number of apartment owners needed Company Secretarial advice to maintain the records of their limited company. 

Through the use of this advice they were able to retain control of the company themselves without the necessity to establish a separate management company and therefore keep future costs to a minimum.

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Case Study No.6

Stand Alone Project Work. 

Following a number of acquisitions and internal restructuring, a large plc with a number of  subsidiary companies required assistance to set up a system for their storage and maintenance of their statutory books prior to the audit of the group. 

This project proved valuable in assisting the audit went smoothly and reducing any delays and additional auditing costs.

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Case Study No. 7

Individual Contracts for Small Businesses. 

A small business partnership wished to establish a small delivery business. To ensure that each of their interests and future rights etc were accurately recorded we were able to provide a partnership agreement so that each party were fully aware of what they were agreeing to and therefore avoiding any future misunderstandings. 

Similarly we have helped a multi-site physiotherapy business with contracts of employment, for self employed contractors and sub letting of space within their premises. 

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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